The International Hospitality Team of LYNC

Who we are:

The International Hospitality Team fosters grace-filled, cross cultural relationships through radical hospitality, respect, unconditional love, justice-seeking, listening and mutual learning so that the global UMC shall fully embody Christ’s beloved community for all.


What we do:

Anti “Ism” Training – We provide training to help understand the impact of colonialism, imperialism, racism, . . . and how to change one’s own behavior, using people with practical and academic experience from Africa, the Philippines and US.

Listening Post Trips – We plan trips from US to specific regions to learn from UMs of that region about social justice concerns and possibilities for partnering. Participate in Anti “Ism” training before going, using people with connections to various regions of Africa, the Philippines & Europe.

Partnership with Bagio Episcopal Area in Philippines around drug treatment and/or HIV/AIDS – The Philippines government condones extra judicial killings of people with drug abuse problems. UMs in Philippines are trying to develop effective ways of treatment. This is a particular concern of the bishop leading Bagio Episcopal area. Participate in Anti “Ism” training before going.

Participate in NAFAUM (National Association of Filipino American United Methodists) 2018 Convocation in the Philippines - NAFAUM is having its biennial gathering in the Philippines. This is the first time the group has met outside the US. The Convocation is open to non-Filipinos. We may bring leaders from Africa.

Coalition Partners do organizing work in Africa and/or Philippines – We provide training/support/ consultation opportunities to help coalition partners to develop ways to organize outside the US.

Expand Translation Team – We are locating additional people who can do all levels of translation in French, Portuguese and Swahili. Perhaps add new languages particularly Filipino (Tagalog). Note that nearly 20% of delegates to 2016 GC spoke French as their first European language. Trips to many parts of Africa require someone who can speak French, Portuguese or Swahili. Listening Posts will need translation teams.

Support group or caucus for African Clergy and their families in the US – There are a significant number of clergy from African CCs serving in North America. They and their entire families have begun meeting annually. They are seeking support/recognition from UMC.

Expand Pre-GC and at GC efforts – We will be developing a relationship with the official 2020 hospitality team in Minnesota and build on what did with pre-GC conference briefing trips and at GC. Find out about hospitality plans for 2019 special GC.

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