Action Networks: What Are They?

Action Networks are areas of focus for action and strategy, and are made up of persons who are passionate about a particular action/strategy for increasing justice in our church and in our world. If your passion for ministry and mission matches one of these areas, or if you have one that isn't on the list and you want to start an Action Network, please contact one of the persons listed.

The Rise Up! Conference resulted in a new set of Action Networks. Watch for more details on these and others as they develop.

Just Love Action Network

This network works to fulfill the mandate of Biblical Obedience in defiance of unjust laws, especially those that single out members of the LFBTQI community. We are called to minister to the unministered, proclaiming love for all in the  name of Jesus Christ.

Earth and Neighbors Action Network (EANAN)

Action Goals:

1. To create a knowledge network of churches to unite with existing climate action/environmental groups, disseminating information and building new networks.

2. Recognizing that our local action has a global effect, we will build global relationships to form a united front with those most effected by environmental problems.

Whole Life Wellness Action Network

This Action Network is based on two primary values:

  • the dignity of one's own conscience (human beings must always be allowed to obey the certain judgements of their conscience.)
  • love and care of our bodies

Documented By Love Action Network

This Action Network focuses on global migration/immigration, including Sanctuary churches; educating ourselves, our churches, Annual Conferences and jurisdiction on issues; providing resources and Recognizing the human dignity of all

Colonialism/Imperialism Action Network

This Action Network focuses on issues related to imperialism of one nation over another. Current concerns include Israel/Palestine and The Philippines.

Undocumented Student Resources Action Network

This network focuses on resources that would be helpful to undocumented students.

Child Sex Trafficing Action Network

This network focuses on the "trafficking" of children for sex--a form of slavery for the purpose of sexual behavior.

Rapid Response to Events Action Network

This Action Network focuses on issues needing quick response, such as calling or e-mailing senators, representatives, or other public officials at the state or national level.