Newsletter: Action Network Invitations (Summer, 2017)

by Frank Wulf, WMJM Convener

The Western Methodist Justice Movement provides a vehicle for progressive persons of faith to join forces and work together on significant issues of justice and peace both within and beyond The United Methodist Church. WMJM does its most critical work through Action Networks. As the name implies, Action Networks are focused on action. Individuals who are passionate about particular justice issues regularly come together – usually by phone or some form of digital communication – to focus on developing and implementing strategic actions for increasing justice in our church and our world.

At the present time, WMJM has eight working Action Networks:

  1. The Just Love Action Network works to fulfill the mandate of Biblical Obedience in defiance of unjust laws, especially those that single out members of the LGBTQI community. We are called to minister to the unministered, proclaiming love for all in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. The Earth and Neighbors Action Network is creating a knowledge network of churches to unite with existing climate action/environmental groups, to disseminate information and build new networks. Recognizing that our local action has a global effect, this Action Network builds global relationships to form a united front with those most affected by environmental problems.
  3. The Whole Life Wellness Action Network bases its work on two primary values: a) the dignity of each individual’s own conscience (Human beings must always be allowed to obey the certain judgments of their conscience.); and b) the love and care of people for their bodies.
  4. The Documented by Love Action Network focuses on action around global migration/immigration. This focus includes: Sanctuary churches; educating ourselves, our churches, our annual conferences, and our jurisdiction on migration/immigration issues; providing resources; and recognizing the human dignity of all.
  5. The Colonialism/Imperialism Action Network focuses on issues related to imperialism of one nation over another. Its current concerns and action focuses include Israel/Palestine and The Philippines.
  6. The Undocumented Student Resources Action Network focuses on developing resources that will be helpful to undocumented students.
  7. The Child Sex Trafficking Action Network focuses on the "trafficking" of children for sex – a form of slavery.
  8. The Rapid Response to Events Action Network focuses on issues that need a quick response, such as joining an upcoming rally, contacting a public official at the national, state, or local level, or calling members of the community into action.

These are not the only Action Networks that are possible or necessary. As our society and church change and evolve, new Action Networks staffed by passionate individuals will need to arise.

If you are interested in joining an existing Action Network and dedicating significant resources of time and energy to the work of justice, I invite you to visit our WMJM website and visit our Action Networks pages. The name and contact information for an Action Network’s convener are listed on that Action Network’s page. Alternatively, if you don’t see your area of passion listed, and you would like to start a new Action Network, contact our Action Network coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is much work to be done as we seek to live into God’s beloved community. Please join us as we faithfully work together for justice and peace.

Rev. Frank Wulf
WMJM Convener