2017 Suggested Annual Conference Resolutions

The Western Methodist Justice Movement has written two resolutions for use in the June 2017 Annual Conference sessions in the Western Juristiction. These are in response to the Judicial Council ruling and the upcoming special called General Conference in 2019.

The resolutions are available for download in two formats: DOCX for recent versions of Microsoft Word and DOC for older versions. You will need to modify them for the format needs of your Annual Conference, and then read your Conference Journal for the rules regarding bringing items to the conference for consideration after the published deadline for petitions.

1. One is a resolution supporting and affirming the visionary leadership of our bishops in their recent response to the Judicial Council ruling, found here, in text and video formats.

The Resolution: "We Are A Church For All God's Children" (DOCX - DOC)

2. The other resolution asks for the Western Jurisdiction Bishops to call a special Western Jurisdiction Conference after the Commission on a Way Forward releases their report to the Church and before the 2019 special General Confeerence.

The Resolution: "Call for a Special Session of the Western Jurisdictional Conference"

 Locations of on-line Journals and/or Rules of the WJ Conferences (all PDF):