The DRC: Reiterating Hope for a Radiant Future

The absence of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be a major concern for United Methodists in and outside the country. With decades of violence that claimed more than 4 million lives, corrupt and dictatorial governments, the quest for peace and good government seems to be urgent. As noted in resolution #6082 of the 2016 UMC Book of Resolutions, we are called to support processes leading to good governance, lasting peace and democracy. The continued political instability and uncertainty on the electoral process threatens the path towards lasting peace and development.

The recent events of Sunday December 31, 2017 demonstrate pure expression of sacrilege, where respect for the sacred has been abused by police that stormed catholic churches with tear gas and live ammunition leading to the death of 7 people and arrest of more than 50 people. At a time when God's people are giving thanks to God for His continued grace and protection, an attack on houses of worship is unacceptable.

As the Western Methodist Justice Movement, we call upon the Council of Bishops and agencies of the denomination to work towards the practical implementation of the 2016 General Conference Resolution #6082 that provides an opportunity to work with Congolese authorities and civil society towards reforms that guarantee peace and stability.

We invite fellow United Methodists across the denomination to pray for Democratic Republic of Congo, work towards the end of conflict minerals that continue to fuel conflict in the Eastern part of the country and support initiatives to restore hope and peace.

We invite you to call your Representative and Senators at (202) 224-3121 telling to support resolutions in Congress that require the Congolese government to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and organize free and fair elections. Also call the Department of State Acting Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Donald Y Yamamoto, (202) 647-4440 for the US government to take restrictive measures on individuals responsible for the continued atrocities and stalling of democratic progress.

We invite you to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Peace with Justice Director at the General Board of Church and Society to learn of the many ways you can partake in the work of justice, peace and development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.