Newsletter: Annual Conference Updates 2017

The annual conferences are over for this year, and nothing much has changed. In the West, we continue to make our witness on behalf of a church that fully embodies God’s life-giving love for all. So, we have taken strong stands through legislation and public demonstrations on a variety of issues related to our understanding of the call that Christ’s gospel places upon our lives:

  • access to quality medical care;
  • civil rights for transgender persons;
  • access to public education for all sectors of our society;
  • justice for people living in the occupied territories of Israel/Palestine;
  • full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in the society and the church;
  • peace talks and ending to martial law in the Philippines;
  • sanctuary for migrants fleeing violence and poverty;
  • excessive use of violence by law enforcement officers;
  • common-sense gun control;

Of course, the challenge for us goes far beyond passing legislation or participating in demonstrations or rallies. The hard task is keeping the momentum going once we have returned to our homes and to the routines of our daily lives.

What we did:

AC 2017 Report