Who We Are

The Western Methodist Justice Movement (WMJM) is a movement of United Methodists in the annual conferences of the Western Jurisdiction who are committed to carry out the prophetic statements and actions of the Western Jurisdictional Conference of The United Methodist Church. Our work focuses on diverse action areas, including: increasing the inclusiveness and justice focus of churches, planning ministries to fully include GLBT persons, immigration justice, reproductive justice, justice in the Philippines, education and advocacy for justice in Israel-Palestine, planning extravagant hospitality in our churches, and addressing the worldwide nature and future of the UMC. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The seeds for the WMJM were planted at the Western Jurisdictional Conference 2012 in San Diego, at a pre-conference gathering organized by progressive United Methodists across the jurisdiction. That meeting was attended by laity and clergy from all eight annual conferences of the Western Jurisdiction. People with a passion to bring about change in the Church gathered into Action Groups according to their interest. Several resolutions were drafted by these Action Groups, immediately submitted to the WJC 2012, and adopted.

During WJC 2012, Bishop Grant Hagiya of the Seattle Episcopal Area invited everyone to take authority to advance the Jurisdiction's goals and commitments, rather than waiting passively for the institutional Church to take the lead. He reminded us that the mission of creating a radically hospitable, Jesus-centered Church that was committed to the advancement of justice belongs to all of us.

In November 2012, a group of progressive activists came together again; they wanted to maintain the momentum of the Action Groups formed in July 2012 and respond to the call from Bishop Hagiya. Out of that gathering, the Western Methodist Justice Movement (WMJM) was formed, with a mission to build a multi-cultural and inclusive community of leaders in the Western Jurisdiction who would work in diverse settings for local and global justice.

The WMJM is a network of networks. People who have organized themselves around their particular areas of passion work together to build a comprehensive movement committed to the broad work of radical hospitality and justice. As a result, the WMJM consists of a number of interrelated action networks.

New action networks can always be formed as people develop the passion and inclination to do so. The important thing is always to remember that justice cannot be divided. In the Church of Jesus Christ, we are called to bring our passions together... to struggle together to build the beloved community of God's people.

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The Annual Conferences of the Western Jurisdiction (listed alphabetically):

Alaska, California-Nevada, California-Pacific, Desert Southwest, Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, and Yellowstone.

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